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Shure SM7B Review: The Best Condenser Microphone For Recording

The SM7B Mic: A Review Of The Best Microphones For Beginners The shure sm7b microphone is a model used for various applications. It has a comprehensive range of frequency responses, and many recording engineers believe that you have to use the most expensive condenser mic you can find to get the best sound. But this […]

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Heil PR40 Dynamic Studio Recording Microphone Review

The Heil PR40 is a dynamic microphone designed with kick drums, guitar cabs, and vocals. Given its extended low-end response and physical attributes, this model offers a lot in sound and recording quality. Most engineers are familiar with Heil but tend to steer clear of their products in a professional environment because their mics don’t […]

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Best Studio Microphone Rated by Recording Engineers

Professional sound engineers know that choosing the best studio microphone is essential when it comes to recording quality. If you’re relatively new to recording, how to choose the best mic for studio recording is probably still a mystery to you. But with a bit of experience in the studio, you’ll learn that there are certain […]

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